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Will Cloudchasor™ MAX VG eLiquid work in any electronic cigarette model?
Our bold and gourmet eJuice is formulated for use in cloud producing eCigarette models. Many ecig models cannot process Cloudchasor™ MAX VG eLiquid. Cloudchasor eLiquid really comes through in Sub Ohm units such as the "Joyetech eGo One" model, "Aspire Atlantis" model, "Kanger Sub Ohm" models and all RDA's and RBA's set to low or sub ohm resistance. Please check with your electronic cigarette hardware retailer before using our liquid.

Does Cloudchasor eLiquid come in different levels of nicotine?
We currently offer our premium eLiquid in 0mg,3mg and 6mg of nicotine. In the future we may offer higher nicotine levels in our gourmet eJuice flavors, please contact us if you are interested in higher nicotine levels at CustomerService@Cloudchasor.com

Is Cloudchasor eLiquid made in the USA or is it mixed in the USA with foreign ingredients?
Our handcrafted USA made eLiquid is made with 100% USA ingredients. We manufacture the cleanest and most flavorful eJuice available. Our eLiquid is formulated with 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine which is USP/EP standardized, in addition we use USP kosher 99.7% pure vegetable glycerin. Our eLiquid does not contain any added sugar's and absolutely no sucrose.

Does Cloudchasor eLiquid contain diacetyl?
We've chosen to work with flavor vendors who are transparent in ingredients, quality and safety. These vendors independently lab test there ingredients to well above the industry requirements, insuring the absence of any harmful toxins such as diacetyl.

Does Cloudchasor ship internationally?
Due to international customs and importation laws we are currently unable to ship our eLiquid to vendors outside of the United States.

Do you offer a wholesale program?
We offer a complete wholesale program. We pride ourselves on offering the finest handcrafted USA made custom flavored Eliquid line, but also unparalleled customer support to our retailers. Become a part of our fast growing Cloudchasor family, we would love to serve you.

Do you offer refunds?
We can't accept returns of Eliquid that's left our facility, regardless whether it's been opened or unopened.

Why can't I buy Cloudchasor eJuice on this website?
We thank you for visiting the Cloudchasor website. This website is for customers to view our entire line up of eJuice and have public access to the flavor profile descriptions. You can also find a great variety of swag being offered including T-Shirts with vapor friendly logo's. If you would like to purchase our eJuice please visit an online retailer or a local retailer in your area. We welcome you to ask your favorite local shop to carry the Cloudchasor line.

Not finding the answers your looking for?
Email us at CustomerService@Cloudchasor.com with your questions and we will do our best to provide you the answer.

Cloudchasor™ MAX VG eLiquids are hand crafted right here in the USA using the finest ingredients including 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade usp/ep nicotine and 99.7% pure kosher vegetable glycerin usp. Cloudchasor flavors feature rich, bold and complex vapor profiles.